Rhino Rilla Rex Slots

Rhino Rilla Rex introduces a system called Any Adjacent Pays, where winning combinations can start from the leftmost, rightmost or middle reel long as there are three or more symbols, in a row. This slot game is truly a beast in every sense. The rhino, gorilla and T Rex unleash chaos while the visuals and gameplay give off a vibe of something concocted by a brilliant scientist in their lab. It takes place on an island. Carries an ominous undertone, likely due to the beasts eagerly waiting to strike the reels.

Rhino betting options

When it comes to betting options Rhino Rilla Rex offers players a variety of choices. If you prefer stakes you can place bets starting at $0.25 per spin. On the hand if you're feeling more adventurous with your wagers you have the option to go up to $25 per spin with plenty of options in, between.

Lets talk about symbols now.

The Rhino, Rilla (gorilla) and Rex all hold value. Offer equal payouts when they appear on the reels.

Symbols, with payouts are represented by Green, Red, Blue and Purple tiles. These symbols have the value as the paying ones. The Wild symbol can take away the low paying symbols. Only appears on reels 1 and 5.

Team Up Bonus;

During the game if you land a combination of 3 to 5 paying symbols fully visible on the reels it triggers the Team Up feature and awards you one Free Spin. Once triggered this feature opens up a set of reels where you can win Multipliers, Cash Prizes or colored Tokens. The Multipliers range from x2 to x5 depending on which paying symbols triggered the feature and will be applied to the Cash prize amount. Each time a Green, Red, Blue or Purple lands during this feature it is collected as a Token that contributes towards triggering one of the four Beast Prizes. All Cash Prizes that land are. Awarded at the end of this feature.

Gold Bonus;

Similar to the Team Up feature mentioned earlier if you manage to land a combination of paying symbols with one of them having a Gold Bonus frame, around it it triggers another bonus round called Team Up Bonus Spins which awards you three Free Spins.

Like the Team Up feature, when certain paying symbols appear a new set of reels will be activated. This special reel set includes Multipliers, Cash Prizes and Extra Spins symbols. Each time a lands, on a spin it will be applied to your winnings for that spin. It's possible to receive than one in a single spin. Any Cash Prizes that appear will be. Added to your winnings for the round. The Team Up Bonus Spins round continues until no extra spins are awarded and all Free Spins have been used.

Rhino Beast Prize

On the side of the screen there are four Beast Prizes waiting to be won. To claim one of these prizes you need to fill up the Token Meter below each prize with its corresponding color tokens. Collecting 6 Blue Tokens gives you the Rilla Beast Prize 25 times your bet. If you manage to collect 7 Red Tokens you'll receive the Rex Beast Prize which's worth 100 times your bet. Finally collecting 8 Green Tokens awards you, with the Rhino Rilla Rex Beast Prize which's a 500 times your current bet.

Beast Prize meters

In the game whenever a symbol that pays well appears fully on the screen the corresponding Beast Prize amount will slightly increase in value. The colored Tokens required to fill up the Beast Prize meters can only be obtained during the Team Up feature or Team Up Bonus Spins round. The maximum value that these amounts can reach for the Beast Prize is 5,000 times your bet.

Rhino Rilla Rex combines three beasts into a force but thankfully its here to give you multipliers and won't destroy your city.