Magical Reels Slots

In the game Magical Reels players can immerse themselves in a casino experience, on a 5x3 reel set with variability. It features symbols and exciting bonus features that greatly enhance their chances of winning big.

Introducing Magical Reels

Magical Reels introduces a slot where players enter a house to collect various fruits, mushrooms and potions. An enchanted book grants stars and multipliers to each symbol on an award board triggering the spins feature when a symbol accumulates 5 stars. This game is known for its volatility. Offers frequent free spins, which activate approximately once every 49 spins on average. So grab your wand wave it over the reels and witness the fortunes your spells can bring.

Theme and Design;

Step into a witchs abode in Magical Reels. The ceilings are adorned with clinging tree roots while various plants, potion bottles and even a candle holder shaped like a skull decorate the tables. Despite its appearance it creates an ambiance of fairy tales rather than being outright scary. The dark background of the grid provides contrast, to the easily identifiable symbols.

How to Play Magical Reels;

Once you've had a spins most players will quickly grasp the concept of spell books, stars and multipliers. In general your best chances of achieving results come when you gather multipliers on the more valuable symbols while the stars appear on the less valuable ones. As symbols get knocked out the odds of hitting symbols increase; however it's crucial to be able to land symbols during free spins.

Award Board Meter

Located to the left of the grid is an Award Board featuring a meter that keeps track of stars and multipliers for each of the eight paying symbols. During your spins a magical wand will randomly add some stars and multipliers to this Award Board. The serene music adds to the atmosphere of a childrens cartoon. To secure a win you'll need at three symbols aligned on one of the 20 paylines running from left to right starting from the leftmost reel.

Award Board feature

The game includes a feature called the Award Board, which displays the 8 paying symbols, on the side. The top section of the board shows 4 potion bottles while the bottom section features the 4 symbols. Each symbol has 5 boxes where stars can land and theres also a multiplier that starts at X1 increases by 1 for every multiplier that lands. On your spin a magic wand randomly distributes some stars and multipliers to the Award Board so you don't have to start from scratch in your quest for stars and multipliers. Whenever a spell book appears on the reels it contains either a 1 multiplier or 1 to 3 stars.

Free Spins Bonus

These stars and multipliers are then randomly distributed among any of the symbols on the Award Board. The collected multipliers will be used in the Free Spins Bonus round while you need to gather 5 stars on any symbol of the Award Board to activate spins. The game primarily focuses on spins as its feature, which may not offer extensive variety but is great if you're tired of waiting forever for free spins to trigger in other slots. In Magical Reels free spins are typically activated once every 49 spins, on average.

Usually the number of spins, on video slots is much higher which makes this particular slot machine truly generous when it comes to free spins. However after a while the abundance of spins can make this feature less exciting. We had the opportunity to activate the feature times. Ended up winning only 1x or 2x our initial bet. On average the winnings during these free spins amount to around 30x your bet so you shouldn't expect rewards from this game. On the hand Magical Reels is an unpredictable game with a maximum win potential of 11,750x your bet. This means that there's always a chance, for a win when you least anticipate it.